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Plastic Surgery 2013

Each year I look forward to attending the ASPS Conference. It is a time to find out what is happening in Plastic Surgery around the country, connect with other Plastic Surgery PA’s and further my education. The always beautiful locations and free drug rep dinners aren’t so bad either! This year, the ASPS Conference was held in Sunny San Diego over Columbus Day Weekend.

One of my favorite things about the ASPS conference is the diversity in courses offered in the general sessions. For those of you who have never attended an ASPS conference, there have historically been two sessions, A and B, for the general session lectures. Having two sessions going simultaneously allows the conference to offer lectures focusing on both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery topics. This increases the odds that you will be able to, at all times, find a lecture to attend that is relevant to the type of plastic surgery that you practice. I like this because it means that the PA’s who attend this conference come from all backgrounds of Plastic Surgery. This year, a third category was added, sessions C, which focused entirely on cosmetic procedures. This was a huge win for me as I work in a private practice that does approximately 70% cosmetic surgery.

While I always do learn a great deal at the ASPS meeting and can always take a few things back to our practice that will improve the quality of care we give our patients, I typically find myself wishing there were courses specifically for PA’s. This year, one of the big things that we discussed at our Semi Annual Business meeting was the possibility of a half day or full day course at an upcoming ASPS meeting that would be PA specific. Some ideas of topics brought forth ranged from salary negotiations and billing to minor procedures such as tattooing and lasers. This is something that could potentially be very beneficial for all PA’s in plastic surgery and for our organization. It would hopefully mean not only greater education opportunities that are relevant to PA’s in Plastics, but also possibly greater attendance of PA’s at the ASPS meeting, and therefore greater attendance at our Semi-Annual Business Meeting.

In order to make an idea like this happen we need all of our members’ help!! We are calling all members to help us brainstorm ideas for lectures. If you are interested in attending something of this nature please send me an email at with what topics you would be interesting in learning more about. Also, if any of our members are looking to become more involved with APSPA, something like this takes a lot of manpower and we could use your help!! As always our goal here at APSPA is to advocate for PA’s in Plastic Surgery and part of doing that is to grow our presence with organizations such as ASPS! We look forward to the exciting future of our profession!

Your Treasurer- Julia Boucher, PA-C

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