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AAPA! 2017, Las Vegas- 50 Years of Our Profession.

Attendees of APSPA annual business meeting, Las Vegas, 2017


APSPA Annual Business Meeting.

We had our Annual Business Meeting on May 17th, 2017 in Las Vegas. It was well attended, and I personally thank everyone who made an effort and joined us that evening.

We had three PA Students in attendance, all of them were 2nd year students who will be graduating shortly, and are very excited to pursue a career in the Plastic Surgery field.

We had other veterans who often attend meetings as well as some new faces.

Inessa Shlifer presented her Power Point with a  focus on our website, conference attendance, and presenting lectures by PA's at the ASPS Conferences....Read full story

AAPA Leadership Summit in Washington DC, March, 2017

Last month, the AAPA Leadership and Advocacy Summit was held in Washington, DC.  Our capital was amazingly beautiful as the blooming Japanese Cherry Trees adorned the famous monuments and museums.  The Summit took place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where the two central topics for debates were: Full Practice Authority and Responsibility (FPAR) and Recertification options beyond the NCCPA.  Both topics led to lengthy discussions and were quite controversial. Due to their complexity, there is no single solution to either. Please visit the AAPA website to read about each at length, or join the Huddle, where many PAs ask questions and express their opinions....Read full story

FRAP- the way we will practice medicine in the future.

For many years this has been a hot topic and understandably so. As PA's we have been practicing medicine in a tight union with MD's who initially were obligated to be physically present and over the years that has been modified few times. For years PA's were providing health care to patients without MD's present on a site and we proved that it is safe, effective and efficient. Today we reached a new level of responsibility and arguing that as a mid level providers we Can practice medicine with full Responsibility and Authority.Our past President, Jeffrey Katz has been working on this proposal for over a year and posted it on a website , where everyone can read it. The proposal is self explanatory, outlines all important aspects of our practice and soon will be ready to be presented to AAPA and HOD for final discussion and approval....Read full story

Seasons Greeting Message from President


img_3967                I would like to wish Happy Holidays to all our members.

Looking back at the past year we all can say that our accomplishments as Physician Assistants are real. We are named one of the fastest growing profession by Forbes magazine. The number of new applicants for PA Programs among students growing exponentially. It became as desirable, competitive and prestigious as a medical school....Read full story

How to become Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery PA



Surgical PA, Manhattan, NY

Plastic Surgery PA, Manhattan, NY



 I often receive emails from fellow PA Students with question on how to become a Plastic Surgery PA. At the AAPA Conference in San Antonio I spent a lot of time talking to students and PA's on what is the best way to get into this field. All of us who work in plastic surgery took different routes, but goal was accomplished-we are part if this exciting field. I can only share my story and what I had to do to be where I am and share some experience with students on what is helpful to become one. In my time it was different in a sense that we had less PA's graduating every year then it is now. But even then PA's that wanted to go to surgery went to Surgical Residencies to learn. Many of them had an opportunity to have job in surgical department from the start, but they knew that without proper training it will take them longer to get where they were once they graduated from residency. It was a valuable  learning experience. Now the market is crowded and students have to work harder to stand out from their classmates and it is even more important to receive surgical training. My recommendations would be:...Read full story

New President’s First Message to Association

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On my first day as a President of APSPA I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year elections, took their time and voted for candidates.It is my honor  and privilege to serve our Association and I would put my time and effort to make it worthwhile for our members.

I would like to welcome a new member to our board of directors, Gabrielle Troisi. She was very enthusiastic to put her candidacy forward and will be serving as a Secretary of our APSPA. It is exciting to have her joining us and I am sure she will be an asset to our Association....Read full story

Photo’s from our APSPA annual business meeting, HOD meetings and 5K Run/Walk PA Foundation Pacers for Health

We had very good time at our annual business meeting, had discussions on various topics, shared thoughts and ideas on future of APSPA. At the HOD meeting every day was filled with discussions, you can go on AAPA site and read about accomplishments of that meeting. A lot of PA's participated in 5K Run/Walk, everyone was very enthusiastic and made to a finish line.


APSPA Annual Business Meeting, San Antonio, May 15th, 2016

APSPA Annual Business Meeting, San Antonio, 2016

APSPA Annual Business Meeting, San Antonio, 2016

   Our annual business meeting was attended by nine Physician Assistants- seven PA"s practicing in Plastic and Reconstructive field and two students that very interested to join our field. Our board was represented by Inessa Shlifer-Secretary of APSPA. Inessa presented power point that was prepared by Julia Boucher-our President. The agenda for discussion was approved....Read full story

AAPA National Salary Survey shines light on Plastic Surgery PAs

February 2014 finally brought the 2013 AAPA national salary survey to our mailboxes! The survey was the most comprehensive compilation of data regarding PA practice to date and highlights some of the benefits of the practicing PA in Plastic Surgery:

* More than 18,000 PAs responded to the survey, only 84 respondents selected Plastic Surgery as their subspecialty.

* The median earnings for a PA (any specialty) noted for 2013 were $90,000 for PAs on salary and $100,000 for...Read full story

From a Student’s Point of View

By Jordan Garner-Roberts, PA-S

When many people think of plastic surgery, the immediate image that comes to mind is that of cosmetic procedures. The reality is that Physician Assistants who work in plastic and reconstructive surgery work in many different settings. As a student, it is a very exciting field to be a part of because of the many different subspecialties, including burn reconstruction, trauma...Read full story

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